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Prime Video has introduced a new accessibility feature called “Dialogue Boost.” It is currently available on some Amazon Originals worldwide. The feature enables users to raise the volume of dialogue relative to background music and sound effects, making the viewing experience more enjoyable and accessible. The primary purpose of this feature is to assist hard-of-hearing customers, but anyone can use it according to their personal preferences. No other global streaming service has this feature.

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Raf Soltanovich, Vice President of Technology at Prime Video and Amazon Studios, expressed their commitment to creating an inclusive, fair, and pleasurable streaming experience for all customers. They continue to expand their library of captioned and audio described content, and with the development of innovative technologies such as Dialogue Boost, they are taking further strides to improve accessibility for their customers. By doing so, they aim to enhance the overall streaming experience.

Dialogue Boost is an advanced feature that analyzes the audio of movies and series, identifying instances where background music and sound effects may make it difficult to hear the dialogue. Using intelligent algorithms, it isolates speech patterns and enhances the audio to make the dialogue clearer and easier to understand.

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While watching a video, customers have the option to select the level of Dialogue Boost they prefer from the audio and subtitle menu. The audio options are named “English Dialogue Boost: Medium” and “English Dialogue Boost: High.”

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