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Campus recruits from top Indian universities including the IITs and the NITs have allegedly been told to wait for their employment offer letters from Amazon. A recent IIT Bombay alumnus who had been offered a position as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon told Business Today that the start date on his offer letter had been pushed back to January.

The impacted alumnus claimed that this issue is pervasive throughout IIT campuses, suggesting that many students have had their offer letters delayed. The alum further mentioned that several other interns from different universities had their offer letters delayed as well.

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Students from NITs have also been informed of the postponement of their offer letters, and in certain cases, the offers have been rescinded altogether. Business Today has reached out to Amazon for a reaction and is waiting for an official word.

The affected IIT alumnus was concerned that the six-month wait time would have a bad influence on his professional reputation, so he actively sought other employment alternatives. He has started networking with alumni and looking into alternative employment opportunities while knowing the job market is tough.

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Amazon said it will be laying off another 9,000 workers in March, and CEO Andy Jassy made the news public. After previously laying off almost 18,000 workers, this new wave of layoffs constitutes the greatest personnel cut done by Amazon to date. However, new information suggests that Silicon Valley firms, many of which have already reduced their workforces significantly, may soon announce further layoffs.

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