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Amazon, a further reduction in the size of its personnel started on April 18 with the layoff of many workers in the company’s advertising business in an effort to save expenses. The retail, device, recruitment, and human resources departments were particularly hard hit by the cutbacks that occurred during the last several months.

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According to reports, Amazon, along with other technology businesses like as Facebook’s parent company Meta and Google’s parent company Alphabet, increased recruiting during the epidemic in order to fulfil the demand from homebound Americans who were increasingly purchasing things online in order to keep themselves safe from the illness.

Over the course of about two years, the number of employees working in Amazon warehouses and offices increased to more than 1.6 million. But when the epidemic began to show signs of abating, demand began to decrease. In the last year, the firm has been delaying or completely scrapping its plans to expand its warehouse space. Amazon, which has been concerned about the possibility of an economic downturn for some time now, has recently taken a number of steps to reduce costs, including the closure of its hybrid virtual and in-home care service, Amazon Care, as well as the closure of a subsidiary that had been selling textiles for close to 30 years.

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Last month, Jassy said that due to the uncertain state of the economy as well as the “uncertainty that exists in the near future,” the firm has made the decision to become more efficient. As a result of the “uncertainty,” Amazon is in the process of carrying out the most extensive round of layoffs in its 29-year existence. The most recent round of layoffs, which will affect 9,000 employees, brings the total number of potential job losses for the firm to 27,000.

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