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An ongoing BharatPe lawsuit of Rs 88 crores and an FIR by the EOW of Delhi Police accusing of Rs 81 crore fraud, doesn’t seem to curb Ashneer Grover’s social media shenanigans. The former co-founder of the fintech giant has yet again lambasted the company for switching off its comments section across all social medias including Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram. Ashneer bluntly asks ‘Aisa kaun karta hai bhai?’

He remarks that BharatPe is unique in the sense that it will surely become a case study for its management under Rajnish Kumar’s reign. His spat with the current BharatPe boss seems like a never ending tirade of teenagers. Bullying each other with Ashneer’s scathing tweets carrying his legacy of online slander.

BharatPe is special ! It’s management under Rajnish Kumar is a class act (will become management case study).

India has 106 Unicorns – BharatPe is the only one which has switched OFF it’s comments section across Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram (all social media) for 15 months…

— Ashneer Grover (@Ashneer_Grover) May 15, 2023

Earlier the Third Unicorn founder tweeted that after the resounding success of Doglapan’s book, he is keen to launch a corporate board game of ‘ranjish’ (or revenge). Apparently a play on Rajnish Kumar’s name.

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Ashneer Grover exited BharatPe in 2022, along with wife Madhuri Jain Grover following allegations of misappropriation of company’s account for personal spendings. The Grover couple have since denied all of the allegations.

Did the ouster from BharatPe cost Ashneer Grover, Shark Tank India Season Two? One could argue that it could have been a contributing factor. While a section of fans can’t imagine the business reality show without the maverick investor, Ashneer himself doesn’t seem too keen to ever return to the show. Does that mean he wanted to?

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