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Following Netflix’s lead, Disney+ Hotstar, a major streaming service in India, is implementing measures to curb password sharing among its premium users. Reports suggest that the company intends to enforce a new policy that restricts premium account access to only four devices. This decision comes as a response to the prevalent issue of password sharing, especially in a crucial market for Disney.

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Disney+ Hotstar Crack On Password Sharing

Back in May, Netflix, Disney’s streaming competitor, introduced a policy across more than 100 countries, notifying subscribers that sharing their service with individuals outside their household would incur an additional cost. Now, reports suggest that Disney is adopting a similar approach. Disney+ Hotstar, a prominent streaming platform in India, is preparing to implement a comparable policy to restrict password sharing among its premium users. With this new policy, users will only be able to access the service from up to four devices, aiming to tackle the issue of password sharing in a crucial market for the company.

Currently, in India, a premium Disney+ Hotstar account permits logins on up to 10 devices, despite the website mentioning a limit of four. However, the company has conducted internal tests for policy enforcement and plans to implement the change later this year. The main goal is to restrict premium account logins to a maximum of four devices, aiming to address the issue of password sharing and maintain fair usage of the streaming service.

According to the first source, Disney’s decision to limit device logins is intended to encourage users to purchase their own subscriptions. Initially, the company had allowed up to 10 devices for premium accounts, hoping to attract users who would try the service through password sharing and later decide to subscribe individually. However, with the upcoming policy enforcement, Disney aims to motivate users to get their own accounts, ensuring fair and sustainable usage of Disney+ Hotstar.

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Walt Disney is not only making changes to its device login policy but is also actively exploring different avenues for its digital and TV business in India. The company is involved in internal discussions to potentially establish a joint venture with a partner or even explore the possibility of selling the business outright. This strategic approach highlights Disney’s dedication to adapting and expanding its presence in India’s rapidly growing streaming market. The company’s proactive measures demonstrate its commitment to remaining competitive and capitalizing on the abundant opportunities in the region.

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